High Sheriff's Hue and Cry

A Call from the High Sheriff of Rutland to the Good People of the County to raise a Hue and Cry in Oakham High Street on Bank Holiday Monday, 30th May 2016.

In keeping with the ancient right of the Sheriff to call on Good People to assist in apprehending Criminals and Villains. And in this case, in support of the High Sheriff’s Charities.

Oakham High Street having been temporarily closed to traffic, each Hue and Cry will start next to Swann’s Antiques and Wetherspoons and end in High Street by the Market Square (250 metres).

A suitably dressed Villain will set off first

The High Sheriff will immediately shout ‘Raise the Hue and Cry!‘. Hunting horns will sound. The horns will be the signal for the participants to set off in pursuit.

The Villain will have a large red Handkerchief tucked into the back of his trousers. Whosoever first retrieves The Handkerchief will be deemed The Winner. (This being a charitable event, and the Villains being volunteers, physical damage to the Villain is strictly prohibited).

Depending on the number of registrants, there will be at least Five Hues and Cries; Inclusivity, Children’s Key stage 1, Children’s Key stage 2, Gentlemen, Ladies, and Individuals Pushing Prams or Trolleys. (Prams and Trolleys may not contain persons, as personal injury is nowadays to be discouraged. The Villain in this case will also have a trolley, containing Swag).

The event will conclude with Rutland Bassett Hounds pursuing the scent of the Villains. (Who, for their own safety, we hope will by then have been Apprehended).

The High Sheriff will award Prizes for the winner of each Hue and Cry. (Outside Furley’s) There will also be a special prize for the Best Dressed Participant. (Period Dress is encouraged).

The High Sheriff will also show her Gratitude to all who answered her call to assist in the Apprehension of Villains by the donation of a restorative Glass of Ale (or port or soft drink) after the event. (At the Grainstore stall)


All participants must first register for the event by email to [email protected] There will be a £5 registration fee (£2.50 for children). Participants will be provided with a sponsorship form and are asked to seek sponsors; we suggest modest sponsorship for partaking and substantial sponsorship if the participant successfully apprehends a Villain! Donations are also invited through the website at https://www.justgiving.com/RutlandHueAndCry/.

Rutland County Council and the local Constabulary have kindly agreed to close Main Street for the event.

First aiders and marshals will be on hand, but please be warned that the surface of the road is hard. Participants take part at their own risk and must take care not to run into members of the public.

This event is part of the Bank Holiday celebrations around the renovation and re-opening of Oakham Castle, in collaboration with Rutland County Council.

All funds raised will be donated to The High Sheriff’s Fund for three charities: Hope (the cancer charity), Warning Zone (teaches youngsters about responsibility and the dangers of the intranet and modern life) and For Rutland in Rutland (gives help and advice to those diagnosed with serious illness and their relatives).



Registration Form

To register for the event, please download and complete the form below and send to the High Sheriff of Rutland - [email protected]

Registration Form

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