Improving patient care with a consultation support tool

The development of a Consultation Support Tool for communication between doctors and patients will improve the consultation experience for patients.

The medical consultation is central to a patient’s care pathway. It is important that communication between the doctor and patient is clear and provides the patient with information that helps them understand their treatment options and therapeutic goals. Doctors can improve this by adapting their style of communication for a particular interaction, eliciting and addressing the patient’s agenda, and discussing prognosis.

Improving the interaction between doctor and patient

This study will explore how a Consultation Support Tool, developed in partnership with patients and researchers, will support the consultation process between patients and their doctors. Patients are asked to complete a short questionnaire on how they are feeling prior and after seeing their doctor. This will help improve the care of patients by learning from their experiences.

The tool is designed to provide doctors with an indication of how much knowledge the patient has about their illness and how involved the patient wishes to be when making decisions about their care. This enables the doctor to structure the consultation in closer alignment with the patient’s agenda.

The Consultation Support Tool should improve the consultation experience for the patient. This award of £18,600 was awarded to University of Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust.