Celebrate our birthday by holding your own party

This year is a special one for us – it’s our 15th anniversary! And what a 15 years it has been – we’ve met some inspirational people, taken significant strides forward in researching cancer with our partners at the Leicester Cancer Research Centre and Royal Infirmary by providing crucial funding, and supported countless families affected by cancer.

All of this has only been made possible thanks to our supporters. So for our crystal anniversary, we’d like to help you organise a Hope Against Cancer party and our top fundraising tips will help you make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Choose the date, time and venue carefully

Deciding on a venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your event. Take your time to look for the one that’s the right size and has the right facilities. For example, does it have a kitchen to hold a tea party? Has it got space for craft stalls?

Then there’s the timing – make sure there aren’t any other big events happening at the same time, especially major sporting events or carnivals.

Finally, venues don’t always come cheap. To save some cash, have a hunt around for the best deal. Some venues even have discounted rates for charity events so you might just be able to grab a bargain!

Work out your budget

Talking of money, make sure you stick to a budget. Tot up the costs of your event, such as venue costs and how much you’ll be spending, and then take into account your potential income, including entry fees, individual and corporate sponsorship.

Delegate tasks and organise resources

Don’t take on too much yourself! Though it’s natural you’ll want to do as much of the running as possible, people can help in different ways. Make a list of everyone you know and cross them off as you ask them for help.

For instance, do you know someone who could spread the word on social media, or is there someone who could be ‘front of house’? Everyone has different skills – making use of those skills can lead to a fun event for everyone.

Write down everything you will need on the day and in the lead up to the event. A timetable is always a good idea! 

Getting sponsorship

If you want to consider sponsorship please make sure you check with our office first before making an approach as we do already have many businesses that are already supporting us in a major way, but more often than not, companies are willing to get involved through donating items for raffle prizes, or even providing publicity for your event. Make use of any internal communications such as a staff magazine, email, intranet and notice boards. Tell them about Hope Against Cancer and how their donations will make a difference.

Companies will also encourage their staff members to attend the event as well, so you don’t need to worry about people not turning up!

Promoting your event

When you’ve done so much to host an event, the last thing you’d want is only a couple of attendees. Show off your hard work and set up a Facebook events page to get friends and family ready for a fabulous event! You can even open an Eventbrite account and create an event to really try and get out there to a general and wider audience. There’s no luck here, just a profile for sheer publicity.

Most importantly… Have fun!

It’s all about enjoying the event and knowing that the proceeds are all for good cause. Remember the first 100 who help us celebrate our birthday receive a special anniversary pin, so start planning!

Did you know we’ve organised and put on 12 fundraising events in the last 12 months? That’s one each month…

Now it’s over to you!