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I have known Tracey for some time and have developed a good relationship through Tracey with Hope Against Cancer. We at PRP are contributing to a variety of their fund raising events and have found that Tracey is exceptional compared with other charities to whom I have donated in a number of ways. Firstly, Tracey takes an interest in people who want to work with the charity. Secondly, Tracey takes the time and makes the effort to explain how it all will work and also how there can be benefit to PRP in terms of getting to know different business people which is the best way of making new contacts and getting new business. Thirdly, Tracey has a very proactive administration team that make sure that the whole process runs smoothly in terms of information and so on. In conclusion, I can thoroughly recommend working with Tracey and her team at Hope Against Cancer to the benefit of the charity and to your business.

Jack Norris, Director, PRP

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The funds will make a significant difference to the project.

Dr Nicola Royle - Department of Genetics, University of Leicester

I truly cherish what Hope Against Cancer is doing to support our work.

Dr Alessandro Rufini - Department of Cancer Studies, University of Leicester, Leicester Royal Infirmary

The money will really make a difference to my research. I'd be happy to present the work performed through this funding at future Hope events.

Dr Steven Foster - Department of Genetics, University of Leicester

I worked as a Clinical Research Fellow at University of Leicester from January 2012 until December 2014. During this time I conducted a clinical research trial, recruiting patients from Leicester Royal Infirmary, to investigate the use of curcumin in patients with colorectal cancer. This research was funded by HOPE and could not have been done without you. I just passed my PhD viva last week and wanted to make sure that I sent my heartfelt gratitude to you, the trustees and all the contributors to HOPE. The research into curcumin itself continues. I am sure that with your support it will continue to yield encouraging results.

Dr Chinenye Iwuji - HOPE funded PhD student

Hope is an absolutely fantastic charity – it has such a positive impact on those whose lives have been affected by cancer. Without places like this carrying out clinical trials, treatments for cancer wouldn’t improve. It makes things better for local people and beyond. This is the best job I have ever done!

Our Hope Research Nurse

The Hope Facility provides a calm and relaxed atmosphere at a time of stress and anxiety for the patient. The staff are all friendly, helpful and provide great support, along with excellent facilities.

From a Hope patient

Hope has been absolutely vital for us to carry out research into detecting and understanding radiation induced heart disease in patients treated for left-sided breast cancer. It has also been instrumental in developing a blood test for inherited breast cancer, which we are now in a position to test in larger studies.

Dr Julian Barwell - Consultant Cancer Genetics, University of Leicester

The opening of the Hope Clinical Trials Facility has significantly improved the experience of patients taking part in clinical trials. Without Hope this would never have been made possible. We will always be indebted to the Trustees and supporters of the Charity for their generosity.

Professor Anne Thomas - Director of the Hope Against Cancer Clinical Trials Facility

When I was introduced to local charity Hope Against Cancer, it really struck a chord with me. This was exactly what we were looking for as a business. Every penny raised by Hope Against Cancer is spent locally and directly here in Leicester. They receive no funding from the government and are therefore totally dependent on voluntary donations.

Group Managing Director, Rob Marsh - Marsh & Co, Independent Insurance Brokers

I feel fortunate to have been offered trial chemotherapy treatment for my lung cancer at the Hope Facility – it is so clean and bright, well equipped and a comfortable space. It is staffed by the most dedicated nurses and support staff. I feel sure I am receiving exemplary care. It is morale boosting to be able to share experiences with others who are undergoing trial treatments. The Hope Facility is instrumental in bringing research and development direct to the patient and I am grateful to receive it.

From a Hope patient

We are developing and assessing new targeted therapies for B-cell malignancies. With a generous donation from Hope, we have been able to develop new therapeutic antibodies with B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Without this very timely funding the work would not have progressed so rapidly.

Professor Martin Dyer - Department of Cancer Studies, University of Leicester

We decided to ‘adopt’ a charity as part of our tenth anniversary in 2006. We wanted to support a local charity that was relevant to the lives of local people. We chose Hope as cancer touches the lives of most people in some way. The work of Hope is actually helping people that are not yet aware that help is needed.

Peter Daly - Daly Systems

As a multi Myeloma sufferer, the Hope Against Cancer Facility does exactly what it says. It gives hope to its patients and makes them feel that everything possible is being done to alleviate their condition. The staff are so positive and friendly, I feel privileged to be allowed to have my treatment there.

From a Hope patient

Our participation in Hope events has enabled us to involve our staff in team building and motivating activities that have realised improvements to our business while raising funds for important cancer research studies. The professional approach of the people at Hope has made them easy to work with and they have supported us in developing our firm’s corporate social responsibility activities. I am delighted to have recently joined Hope’s board of trustees.

Duncan Green - Pick Everard

Hope has provided funding that has contributed to a transformational change to cancer research in Leicester. We now have a thriving and growing research community, with the Hope Clinical Trials Facility enabling us to take part in new cutting-edge cancer drug trials. Rarely can any fundraising group have made such a difference to the quality of research in a cancer centre, been responsible for developing the careers of so many highly talented scientists and clinicians and helped improve the care for patients with cancer in their region.

Will Steward - Professor of Clinical Oncology, University of Leicester