About Our Clinical Trials Facility

Clinical Trials Facility

The Hope Against Cancer Clinical Trials Facility is based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. The Facility is a partnership between the University of Leicester, University Hospitals of Leicester and Hope Against Cancer. It offers local people with cancer the opportunity to take part in clinical trials, and is one of only a few outside London where people can take part in research to help develop new cancer drug treatments. The Hope Research Nurse works here, caring for patients taking part in clinical trials.

What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are carried out by researchers to find out whether new treatments are safe, are more effective than current treatments or if they improve the outcomes for patients. Clinical trials can look at different aspects of disease – such as the causes, how it might be prevented or different ways of diagnosing it in the first place. Research is also carried out to find new treatments or to control the symptoms of the disease.

Trials can also investigate whether a new treatment is safe, or has any side effects. New treatments have to be thoroughly tested before they can be used more widely.

What’s it like to take part in a clinical trial?

People with cancer who take part in clinical trials at the Hope Facility find a warm and welcoming place. The Facility has two consultation rooms – offering people the privacy to talk to a nurse or doctor about anything that may be concerning them – as well as eight treatment chairs, and a bed for overnight stays.

People receive more personal treatment here, as they are more closely monitored, seen by a doctor more frequently and their treatment can be adapted to changing circumstances.

“I’ve taken part in a trial at the Hope Facility, alongside chemotherapy treatment. It gives me more hope and it boosts me because I feel as I am helping others.” Diana East.

What are the benefits of taking part in a clinical trial?

Taking part in a high-quality clinical research study can provide patients with more treatment options. Evidence suggests that patients who take part in clinical trials have better outcomes than those who are treated in a non-research environment.

Taking part in a clinical trial can give you:

– A better understanding or management of your condition
– Closer contact with your health professionals
– The feeling that you have given something back to your local community

If you are interested in taking part in a clinical trial, please talk to your doctor first.

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