Facts & Stats

Since we were set up in 2003 we have raised money for numerous research projects, take a look at some interesting facts about Hope.


Every year, we need to raise funds to support vital cancer research. On average, it costs £150,000 for us to run a major cancer research project.

2.5 million

people in the UK are living with or are affected by cancer.

By 2030 it will have increased to 4 million

= 100,000 people

By the end of 2016 more than 1,000 people a day will have been diagnosed with cancer in the UK.

Per year that is 365,000 people!

That's the population of Leicester


1 in 2 patients now beat the disease, and survive 10 years or more.

From breast to bladder research

Hope has funded over 60 research projects in 13 years.


Since 2003 Hope has raised over 5 million pounds for vital research and clinical trials


Your fundraising has enabled 3,000 visits to Hope’s clinical trials facility